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1. Still, there are bulls in the market.
2. 网络游戏成了中国的重要行业。北京第三方数据分析公司Cnzz.com新公布的报告预计,2012年中国网络游戏市场规模将达到人民币410亿元(合60亿美元),占据全球网游市场的半壁江山。
3. n. 平台,站台,月台,讲台,(政党的)政纲
4. “有个人把一杯咖啡摔在地上后就扬长而去。”
5. Usher “Good Kisser” (RCA)
6. tunn管道+el表名词,“人或物”→隧道


1. Moreover, as some of the firm’s business involves advising the government on education, such recruits’ expertise is invaluable.
2. “It’s na瘀攀 not to recognize we’re at a pretty serious moment,” said Anthony Crichton-Stuart, director of the London dealer Agnew’s. “There has been a massive taste shift. But when a good old master does come up at auction and it is priced correctly, you do get some excitement.”
3. [k?mpi'tin]
4. Interest in wearable technology isn’t limited to technology companies. Mercedes-Benz is porting its mobile experience to a wearable device, while Virgin Atlantic is exploring the customer service aspect of Google Glass on a trial basis. Kenneth Cole is also using Glass as part of a marketing campaign.
5. Make your classes your highest priority.
6. 狄娜莎(Tinashe)与德文戴·西尼斯(Devonté Hynes),《打赌》(Bet), RCA


1. Song “Beautiful China”(Sha Baoliang and Xu Qianya)
2. It was not an auspicious start to the new year for bitcoin investors.
3. 这句简练、言之有物、几乎可称之为妙语的话提醒我们,即便接下来的奖项都相当雷人,还是有人能够做到直白的。
4. 新美国基金会(New America Foundation)高级研究员李?德鲁特曼(Lee Drutman)在一份给Vox的分析文章中指出,在阿肯色州、北卡罗莱纳州和田纳西州,移民人口是1990年的三倍以上。围绕这些变化产生的焦虑或许可以解释共和党为什么在这个阶段更关注限制移民问题,还有这些州的白人投票者们何以压倒性地支持特朗普。
5. "They say: 'I wonder why she kept her head down in the meeting; I wonder why she's not eager to take over that project; I wonder why she's leaving early a couple days a week," Kay says. "You're planting questions in their head."
6. issue


1. "The guy must have weighted the pros and cons of the situation: he had a great chance to survive a stranded elevator, but would have been doomed if he left homework undone," joked @Zealshifang.
2. 8. You left your résumé in the freaking printer!
3. vi. & vt
4. 报告还显示,2012年以来,企业养老保险累计结余虽不断扩大,但可支付月数由2012年的19.7个月下降至2015年的17.7个月。
5. v. 扛,肩负,承担,(用肩
6. Mrs. May’s government proposed a rule that would publicly shame employers who hired foreign workers. And her first major speech was full of barbs directed against multiculturalism, including a jab against people who claimed to be “citizens of the world,” whom she called “citizens of nowhere.”


1. A·O·斯科特
2. Even if Asian countries introduced regulation similar to that of thriving ETF markets elsewhere in the world, there are other hurdles. Mr Montanari says, for example, that most products presented to Asian investors relate to equities in their domestic market so the ETFs are not being used to give investors local exposure to foreign markets.
3. !ku79.)#gCKfe

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