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1. 本文列举了16种我本人几乎每天都会使用的应用软件,我还将在本文中讨论为什么你也应该使用它们。
2. In the heart of Wan Chai, on one of Hong Kong’s busiest streets, stands a 33-storey office tower that earlier this year became the second most expensive property to change hands in a city that boasts the world’s costliest property market.
3. This is going to be one very interesting movie that shows the relationship between Captain America and Iron Man, who've always had trouble trusting each other.
4. 6. Cutting Down on Saturated Fats Could Preserve Your Memory
5. [ik'sentrik]
6. 6. A brand new human organ has been classified. Researchers have given the nod to the mesentery - an organ that's been hiding in plain sight in our digestive system this whole time. But that's only half the story, because we're still not sure exactly what it does.


1. 调查显示,2017年应届毕业生的就业意向仍然以就业为主,占比为73.5%。相较去年,选择在国内继续学习的学生比例出现大幅下降,由2016年的16.5%下降至今年的6.3%。
2. n. 回想,记忆,纪念品
3. 5.电子烟
4. As the new iPhone continues to smash its own launch records, Mr Cook has unveiled products such as Apple Watch and Apple Pay that take the iPhone maker into the realms of fashion and finance, recapturing a spirit of innovation that many feared had died with Jobs. In the process, Apple’s valuation this year has grown by almost as much as Google’s entire market capitalisation.
5. 其他机构有宝钢集团(Shanghai Baosteel Group)旗下为钢材交易商提供融资的欧冶云商(Ouyeel)、中国第六大银行招商银行(China Merchants Bank)旗下专注财富管理领域的小企业e家(Small Entrepreneur)等。
6. 沃尔玛百货


1. She made several points in a note to clients Tuesday that struck me as new:
2. If the oldest man ever elected president can “tweet like a kindergartner,” why not flip the script and see if a youngster can be elected to office and govern wisely?
3. A few people took advantage of technology:
4. Data also showed that the average salary for the top 100 colleges on the rankings increased by 1,818 yuan over last year, up 22.8 percent.
5. 参与沙特反腐行动的一名官员称,达成金额据信超过10亿美元的和解协议后,在该国反腐风暴中被捕的地位最高的沙特王室成员之一、米特卜·本·阿卜杜拉王子已获释。
6. “When I look at the data, I keep coming back to this issue that it’s really about identity politics,” said Elisabeth Ivarsflaten, a professor at Norway’s University of Bergen who studies Europe’s far-right parties. “This is the most powerful predictor of support for the populists.”


1. vt. 为 .
2. 高通:农夫市集走进公司
3. 阿斯利·埃尔多安(Asli Erdogan)
4. 在接受《第一财经》采访时,中国建设银行(CCB)董事长提到,中国各银行面对的最大挑战在于不良贷款不断上升。
5. Facebook, up 44 per cent, has added new features including disaster alert, which lets users quickly inform family and friends that they are safe. Such innovations add to the media group’s importance as an integral medium for worldwide connection and enhance its value to advertisers, Ms Cheung says.
6. 三、2017年重点工作任务


1. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
2. Google's UK results are split into trending searches and most searched.
3. iPhone X

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