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1. Astronomers confirmed a key part of Einstein’s general theory of relativity in 2016 when they announced that the LIGO array had detected gravitational waves released by the collision of two black holes. The researchers won a Nobel Prize for the discovery. But they’re not done: In October, scientists announced the finding of two dead stars colliding — not only hearing the ripples in space-time they made, but confirming the event visually with powerful telescopes. Collisions of neutron stars are believed to be the source of all heavy metals in the universe, including gold and silver, and the detection by LIGO helps verify accepted explanations of how the chemistry of the universe formed.
2. We will perform with a strong work ethic, sense of responsibility, and enterprising spirit.
3. “Tangerine” (Sean Baker)
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1. 汉口滨江的居民数周前就已将财产转移。
2. 因为这里说的是BBC的夏洛克,所以你的华生不是真傻,只是用自己的方式展现智慧。他还有点不确定自己的性向(万一是直的呢)。
3. 6. “Taxi”(Jafar Panahi)
4. courage(n 勇气)
5. 比利时和乌拉圭这两个袖珍之国因为包容性最大限度地增强了自己的实力,巴西、阿根廷、西班牙和德国这四个本届杯赛的夺冠大热门肯定会对他们特别小心。他们将会是有力的提醒,告诉世界小国家通常也能一击致命,就像巴西本土的小动物蚊子和蝎子一样。
6. accurate


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2. Industrial production rose 6.1 per cent year on year in October, according to China’s National Bureau of Statistics, unchanged from September’s level and just below a median forecast from economists of 6.2 per cent.
3. 9. Smiling
4. 3.3 进一步释放国内需求潜力
5. So, what does that mean for oil prices in 2015? It is anybody’s guess, but here are the top five variables that will determine the trajectory of oil prices over the next 12 months, in no particular order.
6. 8."Homeland" (2.4 million)


1. 而是穆斯克在会上表示,预计特斯拉到2015年底将实现10万台的年产量。
2. 2.Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice
3. 日本
4. 干得漂亮!在不到20个词的一句话里,eBay集前五届冠军之长,做到了啥也没说。怀着沉重的心情,我将2016年度金废话奖总冠军授予eBay。
5. China purchased 141,000 industrial robots in 2017, up 58.1% year-on-year, but foreign brands accounted for nearly three quarters of that, showing that the gap is still widening between Chinese robot makers and their foreign peers.
6. The public prosecutor has decided to release several individuals and will proceed with the prosecution of at least five others.


1. Treating Birth Defects Before a Baby Is Born
2. 《倒霉蛋:罗伯特·博斯特的生与死》(Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst),HBO,2月8日播出。《追捕弗雷德曼家族》(Capturing the Friedmans)的导演安德鲁·杰瑞克奇(Andrew Jarecki)执导了这部六集系列纪录片,在片中与博斯特先生通力合作。博斯特出身纽约房地产世家,与数起谋杀事件有关,他的第一任妻子失踪之谜至今未曾解开。
3. 高效老板和经理们趋向于:

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    This year's new college grads entering the workforce are being offered an average monthly salary of 4,014 yuan ($582), and about one-third of them chose to work in first-tier cities, according to survey results released by, a Chinese online recruitment service provider.

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    East Asia's cinephiles won't have a local favorite to cheer during this year's foreign-language Academy Awards race after the Taiwan epic 'Warr