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1. 据Birinyi收集的数据,下面是今年迄今已经获得授权的5大回购。
2. She only learnt to walk five months ago, but 'Baby Beyoncé' is already strutting her stuff on stage at pageants.
3. 经济学人智库生活成本指数编辑乔恩?科派斯塔克表示,最显著的变化之一是澳大利亚生活成本的上升,它的两个城市悉尼和墨尔本分别名列第三和第五。夹在中间排名第四的是挪威的奥斯陆。
4. The reason for its high valuation is based on the fact that it was the first time China Post released stamps featuring the Chinese Zodiac since the establishment of the People's Republic of China in 1949.
5. One of the things that makes Guardians such a great superhero franchise is its sense of humor—which is full of self-deprecation and sarcasm. It's not like you're going to watch this movie and laugh your way through it, but you'll at least have some moments of "ha ha, Groot," and "lolololol Chris Pratt."
6. 8. Flats are allowed on the red carpet – or are they?


1. 6. Our last universal common ancestor gets a makeover
2. [?'k?mpli?t]
3. A Saudi Woman Who Got Behind the Wheel and Never Looked Back
4. adj. 确实的,保障的,有自信的 动词assure的过
5. 我们必须牢牢抓住就业这一民生之本,让人们在劳动中创造财富,在奋斗中实现人生价值。
6. In 2016, 1,576 foreigners became permanent Chinese residents, an increase of 163% on the previous year, according the Ministry of Public Security.


1. 天生脑瘫的余秀华原本过着平静的乡村生活。现在,她在文坛引起了轰动,她描写情欲的生动诗歌“有明显的血污”。
2. 《大唐荣耀》全剧共60集,改编自2007年出版的小说《大唐后妃传之珍珠传奇》。该剧主要讲述了女主沈珍珠和丈夫的爱情故事,以及他们为保护国家付出的努力。
3. 年度故事将是纽约对911主谋穆罕默德(Khalid Sheikh Mohammed)的审判。
4. 最令人兴奋地其实是交易期
5. Buyers and Sellers
6. The two extraordinary sex toys will go on display at an upcoming exhibition at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco in the United States.


1. All kinds of companies say they plan to add senior systems analysts, whose base pay is projected to rise 5% over this year's levels, to as high as $85,500; financial analysts, whose salaries will start at $81,500 at large companies, 4.8% more than in 2010; and experienced administrative assistants, at starting salaries of up to $41,750, a 3.1% increase.
2. ['d?kjum?nt]
3. The Fifa World Cup is close by. Let me give you a few rules that will preserve your beauty.
4. A schoolgirl aged 11 has been honoured as "America's top young scientist" for inventing a quick, low-cost test to detect lead-contaminated water.
5. After weeks of rumors, Phil Jackson failed to move Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose, two players who absolutely should have been traded for the long-term benefit of the franchise.
6. Helu came in fourth in Forbes' 2016 list of 1,810 billionaires, behind Gates, Zara's Amancio Ortega and business mogul Warren Buffett, respectively.


1. 亲爱的妻子
2. ['v?:tju:]
3. 此前,跨国房地产经纪机构仲量联行(JLL)的数据显示,2016年全年,中国对外房地产投资额增长了53%,达到创纪录的330亿美元。

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