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1. 如果上述情况都变成现实,休伯蒂估计苹果在中国智能手机市场上已跌至10%的份额将会提高三倍,达到近30%。
2. com共同,promise发誓:停战妥协就是两个国家共同发誓不打仗的产物。
3. 不过现在,她已经开始利用自己童话公主一般的面容做慈善事业了,她会装扮成童话角色的样子,为孩子们演出,为癌症患儿的家长加油鼓劲。
4. Over time, this ethnic blend has led to an uncommon harmony among the current squad, whose young players -- notably Eden Hazard and Romelu Lukaku of Chelsea, and Adnan Januzaj 贾努扎伊of Manchester United -- are the envy of many of their competitors.
5. Supporting Actress in a Mini-Series or Movie: Regina King, “American Crime”
6. 单词effective 联想记忆:


1. 答:这个问题好奇怪啊,因为当我读了好多斯蒂芬·金的故事之后,我就很想开始写作了。他的故事真的是又惊人又有趣啊。
2. 她自言自语道,别再来这么一回了,太吓人了。
3. 养老保险基金收不抵支的省份正在增多。作为去年养老保险基金入不敷出的6个省份之一,黑龙江的企业养老保险可支付月数最多仅为1个月。
4. 3. The root cause of eczema has finally been identified. Scientists have tracked down a series of proteins and molecular pathways that lead to this insufferable skin problem, revealing that the protein filaggrin isn't the sole culprit we thought it was.
5. Girls Trip
6. Total Program Cost: $176,600


1. n. 前辈,前任,原有事物
2. The Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine was awarded to a cellular-level experiment.
3. 最佳喜剧类编剧:阿兹?安萨里(Aziz Ansari)和艾伦?杨(Alan Yang),《无为大师》,“父亲母亲” (Master of None, "Parents")
4. From 'heelgate' to the Palm Dog to the 'Dad bod' – it's been a dizzying 12 days. Here are nine lessons from the film festival as it draws to a close.
5. 剩下的流行语,我们列在这里:
6. ……又唱又跳,希望能得到工作。


1. France, along with Belgium, has seen the largest numbers of volunteers leaving to join the Islamic State jihadist group, which has seized large parts of Syriaand Iraq.
2. popul人民+ar…的→流行的
3. Revenge epic The Revenant was named best drama picture and DiCaprio and Inarritu walked to the stage to collect it together.
4. 年过40方当妈的女星们
5. 《每日经济新闻》引用一位专家的话称,银行业已经经历了一个低利润增长期,并且将持续很长一段时间。该专家表示,在过去的十几年里,银行业每年净利润增长达到35%至40%。但现在每年都不到1%,甚至有的银行都进入亏损状态。
6. Winners: Raptors


1. 它还体现在詹巴蒂斯塔·瓦利(Giambattista Valli)最近的秋冬时装秀上,那场时装秀中充满泡泡袖印花长款衬衫和配套裤子,以及低腰直筒女学生连衣裙;还体现在麦丝玛拉(MaxMara)向乔治·巴里斯(George Barris)1962年为玛丽莲·梦露(Marilyn Monroe)拍摄的照片致敬的系列。
2. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer
3. Most technology developers are seeing app use grow and web use decline. That means companies have to have strong, fast, meaningful mobile platforms and those that don't lose customers.

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