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1. Julian Evans-Pritchard, China economist at Capital Economics, commented:
2. 密码管理应用设计商Splashdata发布了一份“25个最常见密码” 榜单。
3. Full marks to Prince George for giving the patronising high-five of the Canadian prime minister the eye.
4. BATTLE CREEK (CBS, March 1) What a difference a hit makes. Vince Gilligan wrote a pilot script for this frenemy-cop show more than a decade ago, before he was Vince Gilligan, creator of “Breaking Bad” (and “Better Call Saul”). Now it’s being made into a series with a 13-episode guarantee from CBS. Dean Winters (“Law & Order: SVU,” “30 Rock”) plays a local detective and Josh Duhamel (“Las Vegas”) a slick F.B.I. agent who work together, uneasily, in the Cereal City of Battle Creek, Mich.
5. The low reading was driven by a fall in the production component, whereas the forward-looking new orders component increased for a sixth straight month.
6. 我们可以看到时空涟漪的源头。


1. CPI increase kept around 3 percent.
2. The dollar value of China’s exports and imports grew in November after two months of contraction and in the face of a rally by the greenback that followed last month’s US presidential election.
3. Analysts survey by Bloomberg expected a rise to 1.9 per cent in January.
4. 马丁沃尔夫(Martin Wolf)
5. Summly and Yahoo refused to comment on the deal’s terms.
6. 科学家们在赋予人体器官原本能力方面投入很深,但是为何要仅限于此呢?


1. tempor时间+ary表形容词,“…的”→短暂的
2. 另外一件性玩具则显然属于中国皇室。
3. This whole week was a train wreck: the unconvincing denials, the timing of the Cousins trade on All-Star Sunday, the pathetic return value,
4. Against: It might be that bit too far from the mainstream to make a huge awards impact.
5. The worst of 2015
6. As for China, lack or stopped development represents the biggest risk for this country. So it is essential that we maintain steady medium-high growth of our economy and that in itself is China’s contribution to global stability.


1. 可口可乐(Coca-Cola)下调了今年的销售预测,该公司正艰难应对中国消费放缓,这导致该饮料集团股价下跌逾3%。
2. 该书作者马丁輠祹(Martin Ford)周二在纽约的颁奖典礼上获得了英国《金融时报》和麦肯锡(McKinsey & Company)颁发的3万英镑奖金。
3. Rank: 5
4. Colliding Neutron Stars
5. recommend
6. 但煽动家利用此类抱怨的做法威胁到了民主。


1. Chinese insurers saw their profits implode in the first six months of 2016.
2. 幸好这类单曲只是《名誉》这张专辑的一部分。在《Dress》(《连衣裙》)这首歌中,她沉醉于令人激动的新恋情里;在《New Year’s Day》(《新年》)这首歌中,她试着弄明白聚会结束后她还拥有什么。
3. Despite China's rise, an "innovation divide" persists between developed and developing countries amid increasing awareness among policymakers that fostering innovation is crucial to a vibrant, competitive economy.

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