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1. Will the 10-year Treasury yield finish the year above 3 per cent
2. Emissions have been falling gradually in recent years in most of the developed countries, in part because of economic weakness but also because of strengthening climate policies. Emissions in the 28-nation European Union fell 1.8 percent in 2013, despite increases in coal consumption in a few countries, including Germany and Poland. Emissions decreased sharply in Britain, Italy and Spain.
3. 只有公民,而他们的选择不仅可能、而且必然会改变。
4. The film version of the popular television series "Legend of Sword and Fairy", also known as Chinese Paladin starts shooting in Zhejiang Province today.
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6. 5.英国人喜欢冷幽默:这就是为什么所有出租的自行车都刻着同一家银行的名字,而这家银行正因为固定利率而在被调查阶段。他们也许觉得这很有趣吧。


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2. Denmark, for instance, is 88 percent white Danish today — hardly a majority in jeopardy. But a generation ago, in 1980, it was 97 percent white. The anti-immigrant Danish People’s Party is now the second-largest party in the Danish Parliament. In Germany, where the foreign-born population shot up by approximately 75 percent between 2011 and 2015, the anti-immigrant, populist Alternative for Germany party is now drawing record support.
3. “These students have absolutely no free speech rights that were violated in this context."
4. 照片左起分别是苹果董事长史蒂夫乔布斯,总裁兼CEO约翰斯卡利,创始人之一的斯蒂夫沃兹尼亚克,他们正在推出新款苹果II c型机,1984年4月24日,旧金山
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1. 1. Bottoms Up Beer System
2. 最后,今年只有两所学校首次登上开放课程排行榜。上海交通大学安泰经济与管理学院(Antai College of Economics and Management)直接排到第32名,而亚利桑那大学(University of Arizona)艾勒管理学院(Eller College of Management)在75所院校中排名第68位。
3. Last but not least, no matter what kind of personality you are, be positive and stay healthy!
4. Japanese cities have seen a lowering of costs, despite being some of the most expensive cities over the past 20 years, Tokyo and Osaka have dropped to 11th and 14th place, respectively.
5. 中国官方采购经理人指数(PMI)显示,中国制造业活动出现了3月份以来的最慢扩张速度。与此同时,汇丰银行(HSBC)发布的正式PMI指数也出现了6个月内的最低读数。
6. Henda Ayari created a storm when she denounced radical Islam. Now, inspired by the #MeToo campaign, she has accused an Oxford professor of rape.


1. Platforms will be created for crowd innovation, crowd support, crowdsourcing, and crowdfunding
2. 一部富有感染力的、描写一名年轻黑人男同性恋成长故事的影片《月光男孩》(Moonlight),获得2017年奥斯卡(Oscar)最佳影片奖。不过,该片险些与此奖项擦肩而过,原因是在混乱的颁奖现场,此奖项曾被误颁给了《爱乐之城》(La La Land)。
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